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04 - Gifts of Love

Gifts of Love

Love is a gift from God to man.
Obedience is a gift from Master to man.
Surrender is a gift from man to Master.

One who loves desires the will of the Beloved.
One who obeys does the will of the Beloved.
One who surrenders knows nothing but the will of the Beloved.


Know me as all - Knowing

Know me as all - Knowing

What I want to tell you is that I know everything. I am in each of you, and everywhere. As conscious real T in this false T of yours, I know everything. You exist as you were existing because you were there, you are there and you will continue to be there. You have been caught here in the snares of 'Maya', and the accumulation of sanskaras (impressions) makes you get more and more involved in Maya. All this life is a dream. The past and future are not there. There is only the Eternal Now in the everlasting present.

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