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Hafez _ Avatar Meher Baba - حافظ - اوتار مهربابا

تقدیم به عاشقان حقیقت، دوستداران و پیروان راه و آنها که عشق مهربابا در زندگیشان نورافشانی می کند
تاب بنفشه میدهد طره ی مشکسای تو
پرده ی غنچه میدرد خنده ی دلگشای تو
Hafez Shiraz:

Torment (of envy) to the violet, giveth the musk-exhaling tress of thine;
The fold of the rose-bud, rendeth the heart-alluring laughter of thine.

O my rose, sweet of perfume (the beloved)! thy bulbul (thy lover, in sepaation), consume not
For, night, all night, with the essence of sincerity, it maketh prayer for (the welfare) of thine.

I who, with the breathing (murmuring) of angels used to be vexed (so delicate was my nature),
(Now) The disputation of a whole world (high and low), I endure for the sake of Thee

Love's fortune behold, how, for the desire of pomp and glory,
The corner of the crown of sovereignty aslant placeth, the beggar of Thine.

Though not fitted (matched) together are the khirka of austerity, and the cup of wine,
All this picture, I paint (trick I play) for the sake of the will of Thine.

Goeth from my head, wine's clamouring and love's consuming at that moment,
When this head full of passion becometh the dust of the door of the abode of Thine.